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Universal SMS Gateway

Bulk SMS Gateway

Universal SMS Gateway (know as USG Platform)

The Universal SMS Gateway is a Premium SMS Solution Portal that is connected to the local leading Gateway Provider like Macro kiosk , Mexcomm Sdn Bhd , Ionnex and so on.

USG Platform enabled the customer to perform services like:

•Mobile Premium Subscription
To enables our customer to send the digital media or content to their subscribers (also called as content based info on demand)

Example :
send ON <space> 4D send to 32300. (Request for 4D lottery result)

•Mobile Inbox
To enables our customer to received their enquiry from public. For example to received SMS regarding the product or service feedback.

Example :
send YN <space> [Name] <space> [Feedback] send to 32300

•Mobile Contest
To enables our customer to launch the mobile SMS contest. The mobile phone user can participated to the SMS Contest and get the chance to win a prize.

Example :
To answer 3 SMS Question to win a iPhone 3Gs

•Mobile Voting
To enables our customer to launch the mobile SMS Voting for certain event like vote for the University Hot Idol.

Example :
To vote for DINA type Vote DINA send to 32300

•Mobile Voucher
To enables our customer to promote and increase their sales to offer the Mobile Voucher to their loyal customer.

Example :
Please type VC M001 send to 32300 to get the SMS Voucher 20% for the News arrival shoes.